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Defective Hip Implants

The number of hip and knee implants is expected to reach 4 million a year by 2020, according to an article in Consumer Reports, with more than half of these patients under the age of 65. This means that the implants will have to last longer than those used on older patients now and in the past.


The longevity of the device depends on several factors that include the patient’s age, sex, weight, diagnosis, activity level, conditions of the surgery and the type of implant chosen.


A current concern, especially for younger patients needing hip implants, is that most hip and knee implants are not backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. When a device fails and additional surgery is required, the patient must undergo another hospitalization, a recovery period that may involve lost wages and the risk of complications from the surgery or anesthesia.


Advocacy groups such as Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, has called on hip and knee implant manufacturers to provide warranties that would require them to replace defective devices at no cost. This would also be an incentive for companies to make safer, more durable devices.


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