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Mistakes can be made by dentists in any area of dental or oral health care, including dental hygienists. These mistakes can cause short-term and correctable consequences. However, other times the impact can be serious and long-lasting.

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Hip surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries risks. Some complications that can occur include infection, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anesthesia, blood clots or heart attack. Sometimes these complications are unavoidable, but other times they are caused by a preventable mistake on the part of the hospital, the surgeon or another member of the medical team.

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Medication errors are more common than many people think. Mistakes can happen anywhere in the process; from the time the medication is prescribed to the monitoring that should take place after a drug has been administered and at any point in between, including repackaging and dispensing.

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Plastic surgery can correct defects caused by illness, accidents or birth disorders. This type of surgery can restore and improve function in addition to appearance. The potential for errors or negligence during plastic surgery procedures is basically the same as it is for other types of surgery.

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A current concern, especially for younger patients needing hip implants, is that most hip and knee implants are not backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. When a device fails and additional surgery is required, the patient must undergo another hospitalization, a recovery period that may involve lost wages and the risk of complications from the surgery or anesthesia.

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